Grand Key Condos for Sale and Rent

List of condos for sale and rent in Grand Key:  6-month minimum lease term.

Condos for sale:

11-207:  $265,888.00.  Bldg 1100, 2nd floor.  2BR/2BA. 2016 new appliances, A/C and water heater.  Wood floor in living room.  Granite Kitchen Countertops.  Contact Deyong Tao at 954.612.9586.

Condos for Rent – Association Rules- Minimum 6-Month Lease 

Garages, Parking Spaces & Storage Units for Rent:

S8- Storage Unit– 191 cu ft.  $50/month or obo.  AJA Garage.  Contact Tom:  [email protected]

G02 Garage– $160/month.  Next to Bldg 100 and close to Bldg 200.  Contact Lana.  Email [email protected]@com.

G24 Garage– $175/month minimum of a 6-month lease.  By BLDG 600 near the playground. Contact Jim at 813.758.9759.

G33– $150/month.  12-month lease minimum.  Located in the South West portion of the complex.  Call Daniel at 724-984-9211 for more details.  

G30 STORAGE CLOSET ONLY (NOT THE GARAGE)- Call Ken. 813.368.1500.  [email protected]

G69- $185/month paid annually or semiannually.  Garage 69.  Contact Jay Weil.  Email  [email protected]  Telephone:  813.493.0803.

S917 Storage Closet- $40/month.  Inside Bldg 900.  3rd floor.  32-sq. ft.  Large 6.5 x 5 available now.  Contact Michael 813.245.4048 or 813.245.4808.  Email [email protected]